Move origin 10 times or use a macro?

dear all,
i like to laser a rectangle on a piece of rubber belt . When i move 10 times the origin at about 1mm, i archived some kind of a chamfer . if i do this on 2 different pieces of Rubber , i can glue them together without a dent. The resulting rubber band is like “new”
To this this by hand ( move Y, set origin, laser, move Y, set origin, laser and so on ) is very time consuming.
Is there a chance to do this in light burn with some kind of a macro ? or is there another way ?

all the best

I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing. Is the rectangle larger than 1mm, and by moving it, you are creating a sloped (slated) cut? If so, is there a reason not to use the ‘Ramp’ mode to do the same thing?

These two rectangles are the same size (30mm x 30mm), and filled with the same settings, but the one on the right has a 4mm ramp applied:


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