“Move window” does not have a “set coordinates” button on it. How do I set work coordinates?

There is no “set coordinates “ button on move tab.
Where can I set this after I fine tune laser head to job.
Controlling laser from LightBurn, image burns left of head setting on center spot.

Correct. What do you mean when saying “set coordinates”? What are you wanting to accomplish? Apologies, but I am not following what you are after here. Share a bit more about what you are wanting to do, along with what you have tried and the results you observed (you can post screenshots or pictures to help illustrate the issue), and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

“Set origin” button, to mark origin after moving laser head to line up job.

I’ve tried to upload an image and I get this link, so I’m not sure you’re going to see what I’ve got here. In light burn the image is centered, but when I burn it, the image is off centered of the square that it is centered in.

There is no set origin in the Lightburn with a Ruida.

This function isn’t supported in software. You have to move the head where you want it then press origin on the Ruida machine console.

I store coordinates and go to that location, I just have to remember to press origin when I get to the machine. Believe me I’ve forgotten a number of times :sob:

You also need to ensure you have selected user origin for the start from position.

Good luck


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