Move Z Axis first?

I have the following system:
K40 w/ SBASE controller, home brew Z Table

My issue is I am engraving an aluminum bracket using marking spray held in a fixture that is about 2" tall in combined height.

If I auto home the machine (including the Z axis) and and then set the “material thickness” in Light Burn it will move the X & Y axis first, which if I let it, will collide the head with the part and fixture.

How do I get it to move the Z axis first and THEN move X&Y?

I have looked in both the program’s setting and the config file, to no avail.

Other than the taller material, the system works fine. Home everything, add the material thickness in the job and it politely moves X&Y and then drops the Z the correct amount.

I need it to move Z axis first.

Other than editing and running a G Code file is there a way to change the order?


There is no way to automatically do what you want. Most systems start with the Z elevated above the workpiece, so moving the Z last is safest.

One option is if you set the material height to 50mm, and use a Z offset of 50mm into the work on your cutting layer, it will move over to the piece, then drop. That said, it will retract to the material height for every move between cuts, so if there are a lot of them, that will get old quickly.

I was kind of afraid of that…


Well here is my solution…

My Z Table has a limit switch which is triggered by a 3D printed adjustable arm.

The trigger bracket is held into place with two strong magnets.

I just printed an new bracket that I can set for Z0 when using the fixture and Aluminum part. Bed homes correctly for the larger part.

When setting it back up, I just need to drop the table, change the bracket and re-home.

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