Movement within LightBurn work screen

I am very new to using a laser, and LightBurn. One difficulty I am having is moving within the work screen when trying to design a project. I am attempting to do some intricate work, and so have to zoom in on an area. Then when I want to go to another area, I must zoom out of that area and zoom in on the other area as I am unable to see that area in the current zoomed area. Is there a way (that I have not found yet) that will allow me to use my cursor of key-board shortcut to move within the workspace without constantly zooming in and out?

Hold down the space bar and you can click mouse button 1 and pan around.

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Dear Mike,

Thank you very much! It worked like a charm. Do you know if there is a listing somewhere of the key board shortcuts on Lightburn?

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Hopefully the following is what you want

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Dear David,

Thanks, that looks like exactly what I need!

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We also recently released the ability to edit the Hotkeys as you’d like. :slight_smile:

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