Movements are off on TTS-55 / bad config HELP

I have a TTS-55 Laser. I engraved some stuff in LaserGRBL and it works flawless there.
Now I wanted to try Lightburn, but unfortunately it seems like it just don’t want to work with it and I can’t figure out why.

I followed the official tutorial of Two Trees, but something aint right.

The Behavior:
When using “Frame” it frames the area perfectly. But when I start the job, it begins to print just random stuff and also goes out of printing area. It seems like the dimensions are completely off and the resolution is turned down.

This is my example:

The Settings:

That’s what it outputs:

I need help :frowning:

It’s hard to tell from the output photo but that may be indicative of a license validation issue. I’d suggest emailing with a link to this Topic and provide your email and key and they can help you sort out if there’s an issue with the license.

hi, it’s a trial version

just bought a full license. works now. weird weird

Note that trial version should work exactly the same way as a full license but there may have been other issues.

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