Moving an object a specific distance?

Is it possible to select an object in Lightburn and move it a specific distance / direction relative to its current position?

I know I can select the object and move it to a specific coordinate, but it would be a lot faster to grab it and tell it “Move 10mm to the right” or “Move +10 on the X axis”.

Use “Xpos” & “Ypos” to move the selected item. You can just add or subtract a number from what’s there like Ypos: 4.1053 +.5 to move .5 inches

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Up here:

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Fun Fact ~ Fun with Math: Back in December 2018 LightBurn announced the release of version 0.8.07 which included the following:


This one is a pet project of mine: LightBurn’s X & Y position, width, height, scale, and interval entry boxes now support expressions and units. What does this mean for you?

If you type 1/2in, and you’re in mm mode, it’ll turn into 12.7. If you’re in inch mode and type 1/2in, it’ll become 0.5. You can use ft, cm, in, or mm, along with normal math symbols and parenthesis (*/-+). You can combine them, so entering (1/2in + 3mm) * 2.5 + 1ft is valid. You can type 1/300in in the interval box to have it convert “300 lines per inch” into an interval for you. This should make working in mixed units easier.

Over the next release or two I’ll be replacing other number boxes with the new equation entry box, but it’ll take a bit of time.


Perfect, thank you!!

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