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So messing about with some cheapo chinese espduino32 boards I managed to fry not one but two laptops :rage:
I come to boot my new one up and of course my subscription, which had lapsed, is no longer available to me, instead I get a 30 day trial.
at the risk of sounding cheap (I’m not, just broke) is there anyway I can salvage this without having to lay out further cash for a while as I’m into a lot of cash just for 1 new laptop.
many thanks.

You can’t search your email for the LightBurn activation code?

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You can also log into the License Portal at the top of the page.

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Does the license expire? The license key has an expiry date - a year from when you first activate it. When it expires, it’s still valid, you just don’t get updates any more. If you download a version of the software released after your license expires, it won’t work, but any version released before the key expired will continue to work.

Dig up the key and run an older version or do as @micrololin suggests.

Between us, if you are not over version 1.0 you’re missing a lot.


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Thanks folks, can’t dig up the key nor log in to the portal, so I’ll just have to pony up the dough for the latest version.
Not trying to avoid people getting their dues, just spread a bit thin at the moment.
Never mind, worse things happen at sea. Apparently :wink:

Email support.


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