Moving origin locations

Just a quick question as I’m learning this software.
If I open an already created file from someone else and it has multiple layers to it, how can I scooch the whole thing around to an origin I choose? I know I can click each layer and shift it around but is there a way to move the whole thing at once?

Maybe I am not understanding the question, but select all shapes on all layers, ‘Edit’→’Select All’ or hit Ctrl+A (cmd+A on mac), you should then be able to move the entirety to the location of your choosing.

Thank you for that response. I’m still in the learning of lightburn I’ve picked up on a lot of things here and there, but did not know about that trick. You saying it makes it so simple and that makes sense its definitely something I didn’t think of
I’ll try that as soon as i get back…
I apologize on the wording of the question. What I was trying to ask was if the file I open isn’t centered to what I want. It opens at x203 y218 but I want to arrange it at x200 y215. If that makes sense? :man_facepalming: I’m sorry

You have options. You can drag a shape or group of shapes and have them ‘Snap’ to another shape or location within LightBurn. One snap point is the center of another shape.

Sweet. Learned something new today thank you! Really appreciate that!

Now if I could just figure out why I can’t complete an image burn without a fail id be good to go :rofl: hate to ever admit defeat but im about there

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