MPCNC GRBL Lightburn stopps working the job

Hello iam completely new in the lightburn software. I build myself a mpcnc and running etlcam without any problems. I have an Arduino uno with CNC Shield V3
Now i wanted to start to laser in lightburn. I installed the newest version of GRBL 0.9j on the arduino and confgured my stpper motors in the lightburn options. If i draw simple forms out of lightburn the laser runs without any issues. But if i load a bigger STL Job, the laser stopps (all axes) after some minutes of working.
(on different positions of the Gcode) I changed already the baudrate in different ways. And try to mark without “buffer” in “syncron mode” after all changes i have the same problem as before.
I dont think, that something with my hardware is defect, because estlcam was working without problems.

Has anybody an idea how to fix my problem?

I had a similar problem with a machine I built. It would work fine with simple vector shapes, but when I would run a image raster job it would quit at seemingly random times. Turns out my stepper drivers’ current was set too high and they were overheating and shutting down to protect themselves. Check your driver currents and make sure they are within tolerance.

I also belong to the V1E forum and they are a good bunch of folks over there. They can help out a lot too.

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Are you using a high quality USB cable with ferrite beads for noise filtering?
Small communication errors can cause the engraver to stop and not resume.

Which Operating system is installed on your ThinkPad?

Windows 10 (and up) has a feature called USB Selected Suspend. If LightBurn fills the buffer on the controller and if LightBurn stops transmitting, Windows may decide that it can shut the USB port off to save energy. This can behave as you are describing. You can disable the USB Select Suspend in Power Settings.

When this behavior is resolved, please let us know what the cure was. Knowing these things will definitely help us help the next person. If this doesn’t resolve it, we may have more suggestions worth testing.

Hey guys, thank you for all of your answers. Today i tried out to install an other Arduino (clone) and now everything is working perfect. Till now i had no missing connections anymore. Before i had also a Uno V3 clone from AZ Delivery. Sometimes it can be so easy :slight_smile:

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