Multi pass cuts using different power/speeds

Hi a real noob question but how do I achieve multiple cuts/passes of the same object but change the power/speed between passes.
Im trying to cut foam board with cardboard top and bottom I want to just cut the top layer change the power and speed to cut the foam then change settings for the bottom.
Thanks for any help

Food for thoughts:
How thick is your sandwich? the thicker your combo is, the wider the kerf on the top and/or bottom cuts will be. also, you will find out that the foam will melt and shrink during the last lower cardboard cut due to laser beam convergence and divergence.


I had to do something similar recently. I just duplicated the vector, gave the new vector a different color/layer and changed the settings as needed. Then just ran them all together.

Thanks, I actually did the same last night after posting this. First week with my new toy and second day trialing this great software.
Thanks again

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