Multi selection window/bar

I have an Ortur LMP2/LU2-4-SF,Google Chrome browser
I’ve noticed in several videos that there is a “window” or “bar” that has all the different windows to choose from. It’s not in the window drop down in the upper bar. It’s just under an already opened window. It lets you choose which window is already opened.
I hope I’ve explained this so everyone reading this understands what I’m talking about.If not,I’ll try my best to get a screen cap the next time I see it.

window bar

Those look like the tabs you can choose for already opened but docked windows. Is that not what your screen already looks like?

In this screenshot the yellow tabs can be selected to show that particular window for the top pane. The green is for what’s available for the bottom pane.

Thanks for the interest and help,
I don’t have either the yellow or green highlighted areas you show.
This is what I have,

Somehow you’ve undocked those windows. You have 2 options to change this:

  1. Go to Window->Reset to Default Layout
  2. Manually grab the title bar for each window, move the window to the right side of the main window. If you move to the right position you should get a blue highlight showing that you can dock the window there. This can be a little finnicky and there are multiple locations you can dock your windows. You can keep doing this until you get it to look as you like.

I went to Reset to Default Layout and it worked but,it vanishes when I make the windows smaller

What vanishes when you make which windows smaller? Can you show a screen shot? Your explanation is not clear.

What vanishes:
The tabs I can choose from already docked windows,

e tabs highlighted in yellow and green,
Also when I go to dock a window ,the blue docking area is always across my screen horizontally.Is there a way I can make the blue docking area vertical,or get rid of it completely?

How are you making the windows smaller? The act of you doing this is pulling the tabs out of the dock.

There are a few parts of the screen where you can dock windows. Try different parts. You should be able to recreate the original docked look. If you cannot then you’re not quite getting to the right part.

Can you explain what you mean by this? You can disable windows you don’t want to display in the Window menu list. Or by clicking the ‘X’ on that particular window.

What vanishes:
Above you show 2 highlighted areas (yellow and green highlight) that are tabs to open already opened windows.
When I grab a window ,drag it to the left and resize it,the yellow and green highlighted “tabs” vanish.
Also when I go to the Window tab in the top and hit Reset To Default Layout,I only get 2-3 tabs of previously opened windows regardless of how many windows I have opened, I only have cuts/layers-move-console tabs
In your example (yellow and green highlighted tabs) you show:
cuts/layers-move-console-variable text-shape properties (yellow)
laser-library (green)

When you drag the window out, you are removing that “tab” from the dock. The remaining tabs should still be there. Is that not the case? If so, please attach screenshots of before and after.

Have you enabled additional windows in the Window menu? If not, they will not appear there.

This is because I have enabled more of them in the Windows menu.

Thanks,I think I have it now!

The default layout does not have the other windows opened, which is why this happens. If you open them, they’ll stay open (and where you put them) until you close them, or reset to the default layout again.

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