Multi user Default settings and clb

So now Multi user works fine at our computer at school but if a new student signs in and runs LightBurn He or She must do settings like in the first setup after install. Is there a possibility that every time a student opens LightBurn with his account the software looks for the (default) settings file (ini?) from the administrator, so every student has the same settings as I have? Also they have to load the CLB-file. Would be nice if this would be the same file as I have.

Hope It’s possible…
Best regards, Wil

I do have a default / override preferences file, but it’s loaded from the user account, not globally. I could make it check user first, then the LightBurn executable folder, as that would do what you want. I’ve just added this, and it will be in the next release - we’re planning a 0.9.09 patch update to deal with some GRBL jogging issues, so this will be part of that.

Ok, Thanks! Wil try The 09.09 version. Hope it works. Would safe us a lot of time showing every student how to install an load the library file.

It will be pushed out shortly. Cleaning up one last detail with the jog issue.

It’s released. Usage info is here:

Great! Where can I download the patch or does it install automatically?

Help > Check for updates. Follow the prompts.

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