Multiline text spacing

I am fairly new to lasers and Lightburn. I spent 11 years as a cnc machinist and tool and dye maker so I thought I would try lasers. I am having an awesome time with this, but I’m having 1 small issue. When I write multi-line texts, I am just having to eyeball the spacing between the lines. I just read something on this forum about pressing enter at the end of each line. Thanks for that tip. I understand the v-spacing. Is this the only way to space between the lines? Any tips would be much appreciated.

Currently, when keeping the multi-line text as a single object, yes, this is the control for line spacing. Alternatively, you can have each line as it own object, allowing you to space using the other alignment tools available within LightBurn. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response. The other alignment tools is what I needed help with. I’m using the icon next to the bullseye for side to side alignment. When I use the icon next to that every line just goes to the middle. I have been from one end of YouTube to the other and no one really covers this. I have only been using Lightburn for about 5 weeks, so I’m still pretty green. Lightburn is absolutely amazing software.

Apologies for delayed response. Please share some drawings, screenshots or other illustrative examples, so we can follow exactly what you intend to accomplish. It is not super clear to me from your description.

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