Multipass option missing

Lightspeed does not give me the options to make multipasses, I have watched videos and i this is not visible. I am currently waiting for the project to stop then hit GO again several times to let run another pass with the laser. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Machine: Atomstack A5 PRO GRBL
Was using free software that came with it (LaserGRBL V 4.4.1)

If you select a cut or engraving layer in the Cuts/Layers window, you don’t see the ‘Pass Count’ option here?

Or here in the cut settings window, when you double click the entry in the cuts/layers?

I am not able to change the (MODE) as it is greyed out and states (Image). Unable to change to (LINE) however was able to change (pass count).

‘Line’ and the other cut modes are grayed when you have an image selected. The options presented are based on your selection.

Thank you much. I am using Anodised Aluminium thin business cards. 3 passes 6000 speed 20% power looks nice but very slow. I will keep tweaking to get the speed to power ratio so there would be less passes. Newbie so not sure image or line is better to use for my application. I have graphics with lettering, as i am sure there are layers i can assign to have the laser perform with different options, but sure there are threads on that topic if when that time comes as layers I really do not see a need for this project.

This is a good document, really worth review. Walk through until completion of the Simple Project section for a solid overview of LightBurn, how it works, and some of the most common tools to help your workflow. - Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

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