Multiple designs in one file

Hi, I’m fairly new to Lightburn - be nice to me!
I have been designing drinks coasters for family & friends. I’d like to keep all of the designs (10-15) in one file and select the design(s) I want to engrave without deleting everything I don’t want to engrave.

I guess I’m looking for an ‘engrave selection’ option. It isn’t obvious to me how to do this.


  1. Enable “Cut Selected Graphics” in Laser window
  2. Click select the specific design you want to engrave
  3. Preview to confirm selection
  4. Burn

Probably want to enable ‘use selection origin’ right under ‘cut selected graphics’… since it always is turned off when selected graphics is toggled.

@myiot should know it’s there and what it does.


Excellent! Thanks both :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find the Art Library a much better choice.

Good luck


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