Multiple issues running and using Lightburn

I am having issues with engraving on either my Fiber or my Co2. I have Lightburn that has both types included in it. One issue is when I send files to my CO2 it will send the image with some of the file missing, as in lines in the middle of the figure or it shifts some of the clip art parts and lines. I load and reload the image, sometimes it will eventually load properly, other times it won’t. I restart the machines, open and reopen Lightburn, reboot the computer, everything I can think of.

I am also have trouble with the CO2 doing weird stuff like running too fast on settings I have used on previous projects before the updated Lightburn that ran fine. Same speed and power etc. The machine acts like it is going to run off the rails. Framing the project sometimes works other times it frames way on the other side of the project. It is also blowing breakers now, multiple times on different projects.

Everything just is off. I use the settings on my fiber that have worked in the past but don’t work now. What is the remedy here? I am extremely frustrated!!

I assume it’s a Ruida or similar dsp?

I’d delete all the files you don’t need on the controller itself. That frees up memory on the device and seems to have an exorcism like effect on the resident gremlins…

It’s also advantageous to run Ethernet and not usb…if possible

Good luck


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