Multiple logins on a single computer


I run the laser labs at a University and very happy to have upgraded to lightburn and new controller boards after stuggling with Lasercut and too many USB sticks.

One issue we are having is allowing multiple users on one PC to use lightburn without entering the licence each time.

I have tried all of these options and read the specifics from some other posts, but still cant seem to make this work.

Please can you help.

Thank you in advance,

The most common mistake we see made during ‘System Locked’ license setup is not running an admin command shell - if you just run it in user mode, it doesn’t have permission to create a file in the Program Files folder. Right click the Command Prompt app and select ‘Run as administrator’.

The second most common error we see is people mis-entering the license key. The help topic shows the command line like this:

LightBurn -l

That is “LightBurn”, followed by a minus sign and a lower-case letter L, a space, then your license key (without the <>'s around it).

So it should look like this:

LightBurn -l ABCDEF-123456-789012-FDBEA1-2G675A

And it must be entered using a command shell with administrative rights. On Windows you “run as administrator”, and on MacOS you use “sudo” followed by the command above.

Thank you Tyler, I knew I must have been missing something silly.

I was missing the “Lightburn” before the licence key.

Thank you thank you.

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