Multiple pass power

Is there a way to set power on a second pass without using another layer?

For example. Pass one at 20mms at 50% then pass two at 50mms at 20% power

Maybe a feature request

No, there isn’t. Because you can set an arbitrary number of passes, creating the UI for this would be a bit of a nightmare, and most DSP systems wouldn’t support that anyway, as they’re fairly rigid in how you specify settings (LightBurn uses color layer setting banks because this is what the DSP controllers expect).

Would creating a duplicate of the object, (paste in place) and using shape properties to set power levels, for each of the desired passes work to accomplish the objective? It could be tricky to select the correct object, but not impossible. Once selected, the shape properties assigns the appropriate power level. Three passes, three objects?

ah ok i thought it could be achieved similar to how scan and cut can be in one job.