Multiple windows or Tabs for multiple machines in OS X

I guess this is a good problem to have, but we run three machines at once, and usually use 1-2 machines to run them. Lightburn doesnt seem to have a good method of managing multiple cut files at the same time, like a multi tab or multiple windows option. The best I have been able to come up with is to start job and then save that file, and open up the next job and start it. Would be ideal to have something like tabs or windows I could switch between in order to keep three projects open at once. Being limited to one project active at a time is a bit frustrating when working with three machines.

This is on OS X, I have a feeling on windows I could have three instances of the same LightBurn open, if there is a way to do that on Mac that could work too.

OSX prevents double-launch of an app by default but you can override this by having more that one copy of LightBurn and name the copy differently (my example - and LightBurn


You will need to take care to not unintentionally overwrite any share resources like the Materials and Art Libraries but this workflow can be managed.

I don’t really use the material or art Libraries at the moment. My only other concern would be settings for laser power as different lasers use different power. Also could I have each app only have the setting for that laser?

Basically, what prefs or settings in Lightburn are stored in a shared resource and what settings would be unique to each instance of the app?

Also is there plans for windows or tabs in the future?

I should mention that this is a workaround at this point and we have not fully tested all scenarios and ramifications when running multiple instances of LightBurn at one time. Everything should work, but I’d do my own bit of testing to fully understand this flow before I’d use this model in my production environment. :wink:

You can set up a Device Profile for each laser system you want to connect with but can only communicate with one system at a time. If you make changes to the preferences in one instance you will need to close the other instance then relaunch to have it take effect. This is why I warn to take care in using this workaround.

Well, 70 folks have voted for it so far. :wink:

There is a plan for multiple pages in a single document, all sharing the same cut settings, undo buffer, etc.

There is not a plan at this point for multiple tabs for completely distinct projects with their own settings, undo, laser, etc. That will be a fairly dramatic departure for how the app is structured and will take a lot of rework to make it play nice.

The last wish is equivalent to running on several cnc machines with the same control unit and associated processor, simultaneously. How about saving 2 controllers and connecting 3 machines on a Ruida? … Sorry, but I I can not see the point in it, not even thinking about the safety aspect of it.

All sharing same undo buffer?
hmmm … Am i missing something here? does this makes sense?

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