My 1st project on a Atezr L2 24W engraver (dragon border on cutting board)

After getting this laser setup, I did my 1st real project today with the Atezer L2 24W laser engraver. I used it outside so it would not smell up the shed. I really don’t need eye projection with this since it has that orange acrylic around the laser, but I wore them anyway. This was a dragon border design I found here: 1,672 Dragon frame Vector Images | Depositphotos It is engraved on a small ikea bamboo cutting board. I did a test burn on some 3mm baltic birch plywood (actually closer to 2mm). I thought it came out quite well. I really like this laser engraver. I ran it at 3500mm/min & 80% power with air assist.


Congrats. That’s a pretty good burn, especially for a first project!

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Thanks for the link, and good job on the board. Bamboo is tough material to laser.

That DepositPhotos site is a goldmine of stuff.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I think that site allows you download a few for free. They don’t seem to have their images categorized easily to search for though. I found it from a google search for dragon borders. It is amazing what you can find with the right search phrase. Here is a link to the cutting board I used. APTITLIG Chopping board, bamboo, Length: 9 ½" - IKEA

No IKEA near me, but I found some 9"x6" bamboo’s at the Dollar store for $1.25 each. I bought 10mof them.

If they are good quality that is a very good price. You can actually order online from IKEA. I ordered 10 of these bamboo boards & was only $5 shipping and is shipped by FedEx. Up to a $50 order is that price.