My 30W laser is not engraving on silver and gold

Im confused, im very new to laser engraving. Im trying to engrave on silver and gold but have been unable to. I have done 2 consultations from the people I bought the laser from and one of them have asked me to change the 30W to 50W and the other is asking to change my 200200 lense to 7070. Could someone help me out with this please.

You are kind of shy about what kind of machine you have. However, I’ll try for a middle line.

I’ve seen many videos of people with 20W machines doing very well on jewelry, so I don’t think it’s a power issue…

It’s likely not properly focused, that is usually where people fail with these… They have a very narrow depth of focus (dof), making focus critical, especially with a shorter lens.

There’s no such thing as a 7070 lens, what they are probably saying is a shorter lens that covers 70x70mm area. Lenses, boxes and where you purchase them use the F designation (flat focus) and are in mm based on focal length. I have F identifier and coverage area when I define a device for each lens.


The advantage of a shorter lens, is a smaller spot (or dot size). If you have the same amount of power in a smaller area, it acts like there has been an increase in power, but it’s just a change in area with the same power across it. The drawback is a much shorter dof, focus is much more critical.

My F254mm has a coverage of 175x175mm, spot size of 31 microns (0.031mm), dof of 4.7mm… Conversely the F100mm, coverage of 70x70mm, spot size of 16 microns, dof of 0.74mm.

I’d suggest a shorter lens, but that gives you much less error in focusing and less area to get your fingers in there…

Since you didn’t mention, what exactly you’re doing, I assume it jewelry. Not an ingot of silver or gold…

This is from Laser Everything, he’s got a 30W fiber doing a ring with no rotary.

Hope this help…

Good luck