My bad take on a Kinkade picture

So after a 4 hr burn, which came out great, I did another attempt at painting. This time mostly opaque colors so I did use alot of paint and wipe. It came out OK, but I think transparent paints are the way to go. This is most defenitely NOT a free image, I’t’s gonna be an X-mas present.
Sculpfun S-10
1500 mm/sec
67% power
300 DPI (prob should have been lower, wasn’t the best image to begin with)
4hr 10 secs to burn


That is so cool, with or without the paint…Nice :+1:

Thank you. I have 4 tiles drying in the sun now…just 4"x4" this time…I’m going to try to use acrylic paint this time and see how that goes. I’m still hesitant about sealing the oil painted ones before a 2 week dry time. Just gave that one to my g/f’s sister 10 mins ago. Could tell she didn’t much care for it. Oh well. 5 hrs of my life gone lol.

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