My best till now, on white glass plate, diode laser

white wallpaint from a spray can, 5.5W diode laser, 636dpi, newsprint


Nice job :smiley: :+1:

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sounds (and looks) great, could you clarify a little more?

norton white tile method, spray with white paint that turns the glaze or glass black when burned not many paints work well though

Thanks, but I’m aware of that, it’s more the wall paint itself that amazes me and I’m interested in hearing more about it.
Wall paint has a completely different composition as lacquer paints or primers and I guess it must be much easier to work with. Do I see it right?

Yes just hot water to clean off after burning. Actually it is special paint to hide problems on the wall like water damage, nicotine and so on that would normally bleed through. It might be available in DK too? or maybe you can visit a German Baumarkt :slight_smile:

It is easy to work with and I did not find “real” spray paint that gives a good result for me.

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That’s a good tip you pass on here, thank you very much.
There are only a few hours from the island I live on to Germany, so next time we pick up cheap candy and beer, I will also pick up this spray.