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Been working on some fun business cards. Tell me what you guys think, birch 3mm.


These are very fun! Great idea too I think they are very fitting to “I solve practical problems” motto!

A reference to the old “Meet The Engineer” video. A classic. Meet the Engineer - YouTube

Those are nice!

Very Very nice…

I really like them. I want to make some with and some without cover tape, so you have some for the fine and some for the rough tasks.
Nice job!

I tried some transfer tape but it didn’t work as well as the effort to remove it/pulling the fibers off the wood. I get really worried because the tabs are “just right”. I do a two sided engraving pass before the cut, which results in a pretty thin tab. Caliper says ~0.4 mm, which results in the perfect snap. Once I get big boy air assist I’ll be removing the last little bit of burn marking in the process. Finished my first production run. Each one is individually marked 0x0000 → 0x0010. So 17 in each stack, resulting in a total of 102 cards total. I can produce one card (front and back) every 20-30 mins. Took a combined total of ~47 hours printing time. At ~$0.07 per card cost for material, and my basic laser cost (which I calculated by using the projected hours of use for the laser, divided by the average life span, only used for personal project calculations) amounts to $0.04-0.07 so in total around $0.14 per card, not including design time. I feel very good about that number. :slight_smile: I hope my potential customers will enjoy playing with them as much as I had designing them.

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Guess those ones won’t be reaching the bin :+1:

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