My CNC 3018 7w blue laser does not cut through MDF

I purchased a 3018 CNC 2 in 1 router laser machine. LinkLink

I’m a newbie and is still learning. I am trying to make stuff from 4mm MDF.
I’m using the following settings:
Power 100% (7w)
Speed 200mm per second.
Number of passes 50.

The laser does a very neat cut, but it still does not cut through the 4mm MDF.

Some spots does go through but 90% does not.

Please help with advice of what I’m doing wrong.

You’ll need to add very directed air blowing on the focus point. Search for ‘air assist’.

OK. I don’t have air assist on my machine.

That’s seems rather fast for trying to cut with a diode laser.
Do you mean 200mm / minute?

Yes, sorry.

OK, well my next question would be “do you have air assist” but that’s been asked & answered already.
You will likely find that good strong air assist makes a world of difference when cutting.

And of course making sure your focus is good.

Do you have any homemade ideas to install air assist nozel to my diode laser.

i used a hot glu gun and copper tube of 3mm and a compressor.

Etsy and Thingiverse have a ton of ideas and products.

Diode lasers and cutting are just not a good combination. And I’m speaking as someone with a 5.5W diode laser bolted to my CNC. I just used a Loc-Line hose zip-tied to my laser for air assist, connected to my compressor. Works well for keeping the path clear.

Use the laser to engrave. Use the CNC to cut. Use the right tool for the job.

I have had no issue with my 7w output blue LED laser when cutting 3mm balsa or similar wood. Not sure what the difference with 3mm MDF other than probably various wood type and the glue. I cut this with 2 passes at 80%. (It is on a 3018 PRO also)

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