My Comgrow Z1 laser engraver beaming laser upon plugin without any image or anything to print. Just sitting in one spot and burning the wood

This is my second time turning ON the machine, I have tried pluging in and out and also used another laptop, the same thing happens. Please help me.

Turn it on the laser is on? No computer connected?

You may have to un plug the laser to figure out what’s going on. Don’t want to troubleshoot with a live laser.

That machine is a ‘grbl’ machine from what I can find on the internet.

I can’t see what you see, so slow down…

Detail the steps you take and the results of each step.

Sounds like it’s a new laser.


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Okay. Thanks for your response. So, firstly I had my first session last week and it was a success. But, Today when I plugin into power socket and connected usb to laptop. (Connects good). When I switch on the power button the laser beams up without any input. I made a short video clip have a look here. I am not sure why its happening. But guessing something to do with software. Also, I can move the laser with the computer(the beam will be still ON). Please help me with this. Here is the video clip link:

My laser does not turn on the beam and burn without pressing the START button - having said that - I have found that at some speed settings my Ortur Lase Master Pro 2 will fire the laser but will not move from the origin. My work around is to use the HOME command, then FRAME command then START. I have no more stationary burn errors. That is not what you explained, but hopefully it will help someone.

I assume that you did not modify any of the grbl values…

I’d suggest unplugging the laser until you get it sorted out. Sounds like everything is working, except laser control.

Do you have and can drive a volt meter?

The control for the laser is via a pwm (pulse width modulation). In simple terms when the signal goes high, the laser turn on, low it turns off.

Generally there are three connections to the laser. Ground, Supply voltage & pwm.

You can read the voltage on the pwm pin. At rest it should be zero.

If you short out any of the pins to any of the others, you could damage the board.

Good luck


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Oh okay. It was a plug and play type of machine(COMGROW Z1). I am not sure, how to get that done. Hopefully someone with the same machine knows the fix. But, anyway thanks for teaching me something new.

These may look like plug and play but few actually do what someone wants without some ‘fiddling’…

If you didn’t modify any of the settings, then I’d go back and ask for support from the vendor. It sounds like a hardware issue. I don’t say that generally…

Good luck


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Actually, you are right it was the hardware problem
PWM wire wasn’t soldered properly and I lot a the pin. I made a temporary fix and working now
Thank you, sir!

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