My computer doesnt recognize my laser

Hello! Ive purchased a atomstack a70 laser that im trying to connect to my laptop without any success.
Ive used a usblog viewer and it shows that as soon as it connects it also disconnects, this is backed up by the windows connect and disconnect sound.
The producer says you have to download a ch431ser driver which i had done through their installer successfully and when that didnt work i did it manually through the device manager.
Ive tried this on different computers as well as different ports. Nothing seems to work. I dont know if this is a windows problem or laser problem but im hoping its a windows problem. Anyone got any ideas?

Quality of USB cable is the usual culprit if driver has loaded correctly, have you tried different USB Ports ?

Hello! Yes ive tried 8 different ports across 3 different laptops along with 4 different cables including the one that came with the machine. After having tried so many computers im pretty sure the machine is faulty.

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