My creation with a DIY diode laser machine

This is a key holder for rooms farmhouse.
7.5mm wood done with the 50W Neje laser module at 160mm/m, 100%power, 9 pass.


Do you have air assist?

I’m assuming you meant 5 watts. Right?

is sold as 50W but is really 7.5W.
Yes with air assist

Not by UCC standards it isn’t :slight_smile:

was written in aliexpress page, and in the description was declared as 7.5W

neje writes that his top engravers are built with a double laser that converges in a single focus, for that they advertise higher-than-normal numbers

yes but is not mine module, you are talking about the A40640 that is an 15W output, mine in the A40630, this one

understood … then I apologize for the inappropriate post; no problem :sweat_smile:

@Common no problem, another try if you want, i have cutted 3mm plexy black at 50mm/min, same laser diode

what does UCC stand for?

i think is Uniform Commercial Code

Correct. Read all about it.

It says input power is 12V at 3A so 36 watts?

if you’re asking about mine, yes

really like the Tortuga :+1:

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This is cool :slight_smile:
In my experience, when you make a hole for a ring, the wood border has to be thick. Here it’s perhaps too narrow. All depends of the type of wood used.

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Hi @killrob! Thanks for sharing. The key holder is very nice.

Can I ask you something?
Have you used your 50W Neje laser on anodized aluminum? What result have you had?

sure… this is a black anodized aluminum, credit card size made at 700mm/min 65% power

Great, I’ve seen videos about it, it stays in my mind like a good creation sandbox !

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