My creation with a DIY diode laser machine

This is a key holder for rooms farmhouse.
7.5mm wood done with the 50W Neje laser module at 160mm/m, 100%power, 9 pass.


Do you have air assist?

I’m assuming you meant 5 watts. Right?

is sold as 50W but is really 7.5W.
Yes with air assist

Not by UCC standards it isn’t :slight_smile:

was written in aliexpress page, and in the description was declared as 7.5W

neje writes that his top engravers are built with a double laser that converges in a single focus, for that they advertise higher-than-normal numbers

yes but is not mine module, you are talking about the A40640 that is an 15W output, mine in the A40630, this one

understood … then I apologize for the inappropriate post; no problem :sweat_smile:

@Common no problem, another try if you want, i have cutted 3mm plexy black at 50mm/min, same laser diode

what does UCC stand for?

i think is Uniform Commercial Code

Correct. Read all about it.