My dimensions of my project is different then what is burnt

As far as I know it’s the standard 24v barrel connector that’s on all the power supplies for these.

If you can’t find one, what dimensions do you need?

I’ll have to dig it out, middle of a move… :frowning:


i asked cause i got this controller, i’m in europe, and no one of power jack i had fits on it

Here is the link,

The firmware I did update.

At least I am not out of money, just time now. I talked with Amazon and they refunded my money and did not ask for it to be returned. But still trying to make it work.

It does everything expect the project size thing does match. About 2.5 times larger than what I have set. I did have a direction issue, after swapping the Y outputs that was fixed.

I need one that has 2 Y outputs, I did see the one you suggested but it only has one Y output

I found one with 2 Ys and will give that a try when it gets here Sunday

Thanks with all you help, I will get one that works sooner or later

Does you machine have two Y motors?
I guess this is one of the animals.

I am so used to X, Y, Z that I forget about the dual driven beds… :frowning:

That size issue has got to be something in the configuration.
Is there any kind of configuration file that it reads on boot so you can modify it?
If so, I’d like to read it…


I will run-through boot up for both tomorrow to see what it looks like. Thanks

Do you have a link for that board in the picture? I’m looking for a replacement motherboard for my 3018 Pro that could drive the 52mm 300watt spindle that I have installed. If they have one with two Y stepper drivers they might have one with two X stepper drivers. Anyway, I would like to see who the manufacturer is. Thanks.

Yes, Jack that is the one. Would you have the link where you found it.

My Boot ups are the same on both controllers. Not sure if there is something else I should be looking at to see the complete boot commands.

yea, the keyboard did not write down what I was telling it.

I went ahead and uploaded 1.1f with T2Laser, has not effect.
I did a quick test with the later D .5 X .5 inch, burned it and the size came out to 1 X 1 inch.
I am going to stop fooling with this for now and see what happens with the new controller tomorrow.

My old controller Laser 2 pin out put quick working I know have it tied to the spindle output and seems to be working just find, but just in case I want to replace the controller if something else fails.

see did it again, the letter D, dang keyboard

Jack, I am back. I got a different controller. Had to adjust the GRBL a lot and everything works but 2 things. The X axis move backward and when I burn the letter D it is burn backwards. A backwards D.

I have sent the vendor an email, but they are on some kind of holiday in China

you can either swap the wires on the stepper motor to change the direction or edit the firmware source code and invert the direction and reload the firmware.

No, the wires are not are not swapped and they only go in one way. my $$ setting were way off, things moving slow mostly, Once I update everything to my old controller setting all worked great except my X axis. burns good but flap.

My problem is fixed. I had to do $3=5. to get all axis to work.

Thanks everyone, Hope this helps someone else


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