My engraver has once again started banging against the rail

Finally found the problem. There is a relay that switches the Y axis when setting up the rotory unit. The relay was fried. Finally got the x and y working. Now can’t get the laser to fire. It will fire with the pulse button but not when I try to do a job. No raster and no cut.
I have checked the settings but I may have changed something in all the trouble shooting.
If you can help with that I can get back to work.

Thanks NF

Does that relay switch the four motor wires (from the Y axis stepper driver) between the Y axis stepper motor and the rotary motor?

Or does it switch the Step and Direction signals (from the Ruida controller) between the Y axis stepper motor driver and a similar motor driver in the rotary?

If the relay blew itself away while switching the motor leads, that’s … interesting.

When testing a cut, make sure your speed is more than 10mm/s otherwise you will only be using the min power% setting of your job, which may not be enough to fire the laser if set at a small number.

Is the expected power % value of the job showing at the control panel when you send and open the job file at the machine?

This is set within the Ruida and is known as start speed… The red line is the power line… Anything at or below the start speed will get minimum power…

This is set/viewed from Edit → Machine settings. I think it’s in the vendor settings, but don’t recall off hand.


Everything working again. The final issue was the relay which switches to rotor. There is one on my machine and when you want to use the rotor there is a switch on the front that switches the Y axis off and it will not move. It fiied and it was nearly impossble to see. I noticed three of the pins were discolored and when I removed it I noticed the plastic was melted and it caused a short in the system so that the Y motor was getting conflicting data and was trying to do things it was not able. new mount and switch and problem solved. Very frustrating as no other engraver I have ever owned had such a system.

Anyway thinks for the input. Spent more than needed but I now have some parts for the future. :slight_smile:

New problem. Lines are not straight and circles are not round. There are slight bends in the lines.
Size is now correct but things are not smooth. I reset the x and y numbers and all that now is correct.

Just need the head to run as designed. Have checked belts and motors, all tight.
Really can’t find the fix.

Start a new thread. This one is already too long and it’s a different problem.


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