My engraving doesnt match my cut

Hi, I´m new about using a laser and I hope someone can help me about this since i just recently starting using my ortur laser and I have this problem that i saw some people have already solved but i didnt understood very well

as you can see when I cut and engrave the design doesnt match sometimes happens this :frowning:
these are my settings : captura 003
captura 001
I will be reading more topics on this forum maybe i can find more about what i am doing wrong but I´d appreciate if someone could help me please
thank u

I am having a difficult time understanding what I am looking at here. :slight_smile:

hi sorry for answering late, what I was meaning to show it was that when i use the software the engraving goes way too much down and doesnt go inside the cut.thank u in advance.

Please upload your lightburn file that you used to create this and a pic of the material before engraving please.

thank u again for your replying me, i attatched the file and also the photo of the black acrylic i use.file.lbrn2 (80.0 KB)
sorry about the quality of the image but what i wanna to show it´s the engraving moves to one side so much i´m trying to read other posts with the same problem but nothing works .

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What you posted are three different pieces. Your file was one piece and is very tiny.

What are you trying to accomplish here? Make it bigger?

First, you have two of the same design on this file but VERY far apart. Is the material stationary? Typically most people engrave first then they cut it out.

Try just the single pattern, move “cut” to the bottom and maybe make the piece a few mm larger.

hi , yeah the first picture were 3 but i send only in the file one of those which it´s this one:


and what i´m trying to accomplish it´s the engraving not to move and go out of the line i marked as pink when i use the ortur laser. the problem i have i saw something similar like these ones : Help - Unable to get lines and fill to match up - Laser Config
Engraving is moving left? - #2 by LightBurn
but still not sure how to properly fix it

I think this is more for @OrturTech than anyone, but before you contact them, just try it with LaserGRBL. The ones you linked to were Ruida based CO2 issues. Ortur uses a 32 bit arduino ( I think) board.

Assuming what we are looking is Y on the direction of the miss alignment i think you might have belt tension
Can you confirm your belts aer as the bottom one here on the Y belts (left and right side)


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