My first attempt at white tile painted black

60 watt co2, 100mm/s, 13% power, 300 dpi, stucki dither in LB.


It’s a great start!
And it is the bees day today !!

I see it coming, I will also try to burn tiles … :thinking:

7.8 watts… what’s the lowest your laser will fire effectively at?
Try lower and slower. I think you will be presently surprised at the difference.

Your images are beautiful nice Job!



Way better than I have been able to get with my 65 watt.

10% is the lowest it will fire at. 13% at 100mm/s seems to be the best combination for ablating the paint completely without causing it to start to turn brown.

@Allen try those dot tests and see how they look. What focal length lens are you using?

I usually use the standard 2 inch lens. I also have a 1.5 inch meniscus lens, but I have not been able to tell much difference when I use it.

You have LB controlling your Z axis?

No, I set the focus and that is the Z for the entire job. Not sure I know how to make LB control the Z?

Is your Z motorized? What controller do you have?

yes the Z is motorized, and I have auto focus. The Boss uses the Ruida controller

Go to Edit>Device Settings and tick all three switches green under Z axis control. Then go to the Move window and see if you can move your Z with Lightburn.

Yes, I know that LB can move my Z axis

Try running that file I posted. If you have a magnifier I think you’ll def see some difference between the 2" and the 1.5" lens. I’d also bet that your focus, even with autofocus, is off a bit.

Oh, I see, your test file is moving the focus up and down a bit to show where the best focus point actually is. I thought you were saying that you were having LB change the focus (z height) while scanning the image.

Thanks for explaining.

@Allen If you are going to be looking at small dots do yourself a favor and invest in this


It’s a game changer. It has a glass scale to measure distance between dots.


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Exactly. The file itself is changing the Z height for each column by .1mm. Helps zero in on perfect focus.

And I’ll second what @Sasquatch said. That loupe to me is almost a necessity.

Way ahead of you, when you first showed it I ordered one. It is really nice for the price

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Curious what you find in your testing.