My first attempt on fiber engraving 50w On handcuffs. What cut/layer numbers shall i start with?

Im tryin to engrave on my fiber laser 50w
Stainless steel handcuffs
What cuts/layers numbers shall i start with?

I find this to be a pretty good starting point for galvo settings:

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There’s a difference between marking and engraving. When you engrave, it removes material leaving an indent into the material… This can accumulate debris over time and require cleaning. Sometimes it’s better to mark it, this is as effective and eliminates any place for debris to accumulate. I’ve found I don’t like an engraved feeling to my hands holding it.

Laser Everything has a library of settings. I paid for their Masters class over a year ago when the settings were not given away. If you go to their site, they have libraries and software to modify the settings to reflect your lasers power… Most of them are done on a 30W machine… so you’ll need to convert them.

Good luck

@Colin - do you know what the angle entry is?


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presumably the direction of each pass. Would be a Sublayer in LightBurn under ‘Scan Angle’


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