My first glass etchings

Well I have owned my Ortur “rotisseur” (LOL) for about 6 months now and just dragged it out today and played with it for the first time and this is my results.
OLM - 4.5 W. – 100mm/m – 100% power

I took several pics inside the house but no good shots so I went outside, snapped this photo and 10 seconds later a big gust of wind hit and my first burn went to the ground, and shattered into a million pieces. So back to the drawing board.
I also found a flaw with ortur. The little stop plate that keeps your glass (or whatever) from sliding down had to have an offset put in it.

And here is my hammer/vice offset. Works good now.
Until next time – BYE


Very nice…Sorry bout the glass, watch the wind…Did you paint the glass with any thing…Details please…

Hello Merlin:
On my first try I used that Zinssers paint tying to get black lettering, same thing on my second try. It worked good for black lettering. OLM-15, (aka- 4.5 W.) – 100mm/m – 100% pw.

About 8 - 9 months ago I burn ceramic tile with Krylon “Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze” spray paint and got a really pretty bronze eagle burned, ( I think that old post might still be out there somewhere). So I tried bronze
paint on test glass #3, The burn itself turn out really good, but the color looks like a light dirty brownish color.
When I carried the glass out into the sunlight, it looked really good. The bronze stood out real strong. I tried using incd. lights, flor. lights and led lights. Nothing would get the bronze show its true color unless I took it outside. Only then could you see a good bright bronze color.

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