My first go at LED Edge Lit Acrylic... Meh

This is my first go at an LED Edge Lit Acrylic sign. A small one, 140mm diameter.

From a distance of 3ft (1 metre) it looks really good. But up close there is a weird thing happening.

Close up, weird lines:

Overall, I’m pretty much happy with the result. but that weird pattern annoys me.

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I have a different machine than you do. My line interval is 0.25 and I cross-hatch. They turn out pretty good.

Thanks for that info Jeff. I used 0.08 interval which probably clashed with the dpi that I used. Cross hatch is something I never thought about. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Does anyone find this interesting these days, or is it just old school. That is, old sh*t that has been done before many times over?

Perhaps it’s all a bit “Twee”?


Other people’s experiences are always interesting and one can learn from them.

It looks good. I was just telling you what settings I use.

Thanks for that Jeff, much appreciated.

I was just wondering two things:

  1. Is it worth the bother to create these types of edge lit signs anymore - or is it “old hat”?

  2. I think I know what caused the weird pattern. I used the “dish soap” method, and those lines certainly don’t align with the horizontal X axis in the way it was imaged. Therefore something else is at play. Maybe when the dish soap gets hot, it spreads out forming oil patterns which affected the burn-through power of the laser - maybe?

In any case, the dish soap method did get rid of the edge staining I was experiencing previously. I’ve got some app/transfer tape but haven’t tried that yet.

Happy to hear what other people do.


I make these as requested. I also just leave the paper on the acrylic and don’t add anything else.

Ahh, I thought about trying it that way, as in leaving on the paper. But then I thought I would be lazy, and it would/could be a pain to remove it afterwards.

It doesn’t look like it will just wash off with water like paper transfer tape would. Or does it?

Peels right off with a fingernail

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That looks good Jeff. Perhaps I shouldn’t watch too many you-tube “how-to” videos. What’s amusing is that “dish-soap” method is shown on Trotec’s website.