My first mdf box

I was so happy that I finally got help to get my machine working and decided to make my first box from scratch.

What. Have. I. Done. I think I was crazy.
Never imagined finishing would be so difficult to do.
5x5cm mdf box.
My first of many


Did you seal the wood before engraving? Latex sealer is great. I spray lacquer sanding sealer on every piece of wood I engrave or cut, both sides since finishing only one side will get you a warper board/plywood, MDF.

Think you need air assist or at least more of it and try adjusting your speed and power to get a cleaner cut. Also: raise your pieces above whatever you are using for mounting board. I use one inch diameter wood dowel pieces and place them away from cut lines underneath.

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Cool! Im gonna try it asap! Thanks!

Great box as ferg said the edges look a little charred…
What wattage is your machine, and the settings for cutting the engraving is good…
I have a 10watt and use 600 speed…80% power with 3 passes and little to no charring…

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made with 6 passes with 80% and 600 speed.
im gonna try more passes with less power

Slow it down!

It must depend on the wood. I use 700mm/min, 70% power, 4 passes (guaranteed cut-thru) on Baltic 2.8mm ply. My edges look like Carolina’s.

It sure does depend on the type of mdf, ply wood or what ever…My old 5.5 watt cut mdf 500 speed by 90 pwr x 8 passes, so if Carols is a straight of the self Sculpfun 5.5 cutting will be a nightmare to get right they were not made for cutting but engraving is great, thus is why I got a 10 watt for my Sculpfun…

I would not say a “nightmare”. The 5.5w just requires slower speeds and possibly more passes. For a long time, that was all that was being sold and people completed projects anyway.

Correct, I myself have a 5.5 Watt diode. The problem is not the time but the result. I spent oceans of time cleaning coal and tar from 3mm parts and the result was still not suitable as children’s playthings.
5 Watt diodes are fine for engraving.

Tried with 60%pw and 8 passes. I’m cutting keychain I made but Im still struggling with it. I contacted sculpfun, it seems that one side burns more than the other

Let me say, for your first box, that’s amazing! Good job! The other comments are 100% great advice. Keep it up everyone

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I join all the positive reviews. Really very cool for a first project. I’m glad to see that I’m in a good community where they are happy to help newcomers! I feel comfortable here!


Geile box.

Very nice! I love doing the boxes.

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I do need to agree with you, I feel glad and safe with this community.

I know right! But still getting stuck with finishing but it is about practice

I think I’ve improved a lot, but I still burn more than I need to.