My first tile and need some help

This is my first NWT…
Made at 650 mm/min 50%power with a 3.5W diode, i don’t understand those rows, maybe weak power?

i’ve engraved another tile of the same stock, same result, same rows in the same positions, i think those are tiles of very bad quality.
I increased the diode power at 60%, better result in engraving, black is more… black and i can see grayscale in all pict. But those tiles… are not done for this work, i had to find the right ones.

I though that the tile was the problem but… i engraved the same pict with tile rotated by 45° and i have the same issue in the same positions, so maybe is the grayscale that is not working?
Today i will try dithering.

now i used dithering stucki and is a pretty good result, not awesome but… i quite like it.

Ok i changed the blocking Y belt to allow more tension and i quite achived my goal

Congratulations, but…

What did you change? I don’t know what a “blocking Y Belt” is. Can you post a picture of it?

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Sure, in my self made engraver i’ve done like in a 3D printer for Y.
I’ve done it for both, i have two Y motors
In red circle you can see the “blocking belt” :smiley: