My first tile creation on Ortur LM2 (20w)


My first tile from a color photo I have, which I ran horizontal then vertical on my laser. It was set at PWR 80/Spd 150, 300 dpi and took 3 hrs. This was a painted white tile and after done came out very grey all over. I noticed that when I took a soft cloth, I wiped off the ash residue and you can see how it came out. (If I loaded my pics here correctly.) I’m not sure if thats how its supposed to work, but maybe you can tell me do I need to coat it with something to keep the image or after wiping it off, its set in ok?

Hi, running one at the moment, been doing same picture for 2 weeks now :unamused:
Been having similar problems either to much power or not enough but now close at 67.5 power and 1300 speed but found the contrast and brightness are the main issue now.
Different makes of paint all burn differently, so i guess slight adjustments in that area.
I now adjust settings and run for 10 minutes and check, move the tile and repeat several times using same tile.
Hope this helps, good luck. :thinking:

That should help, thanks. I’m working from an unaltered color image but have photoshop, so will work on a b&w version adding more contrast. Wonder do you find you have to take a soft cloth and wipe off the residue ash when done? Is there something I need to spray on afterwards? After I’m done the tile is almost a solid grey but when I wipe it off the tile looks like the image shown above, just needs darker blacks. I used Rustoleum satin white. Because of the fumes, I’ve ordered a reversible fan for the window like an exhaust fan, an air assist, hose and pump. Seems the more I do, the more I need. Love the challenge.

If it’s overburnt it starts marking the tile, what you have to do is bake the paint onto the tile not burn it, in my case I burn the white and bake the black.(white tile)
This is where i’m at, i use acrylic spray paint, black.
I’m only burning once vertically as it’s the way mine burns best.
I didn’t use any other software just lightburn, works great.
picture looks ok from a distance but close up there’s a lot of lines going through the white.
When finished i do the same as you damp cloth.
If i ever get it perfected i’ll be using spray laquer .

I did the same, knocked together pump 4mm hose and several cable ties, no need for a fan, just leave the garage door open and freeze :cold_face:

Just noticed you’re using white paint.
I tried that but found i couldn’t get any good results but then i can’t get Rustoleum around here.

Wow! That looks great! I’ll try the black paint. I’ve been using a spare room in my house as a studio. I’m in FL so 90 degrees isn’t such a great option. Like you freezing, I would be melting. I didn’t know if wiping it off was what I was supposed to do and did not know about spray lacquer. Thanks again!

Make sure the paint isn’t water based… :nerd_face:
Still have a lot to learn myself but loving it…
Guess it’s easier to warm up than it is to cool off.

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