My first two projects

As my wife would say I don’t wade in the shallows but plunge right in.

My first project was fairly simple. A map of where we live.

OVP by Trevor Baldwin, on Flickr

The second project I decided I was going to try something a bit more advanced. A 6 layer masala should suffice.
Still needs a bit of clean up and gluing together.

6layer mandala by Trevor Baldwin, on Flickr


I am curious as hell as to how long it took to cut out that Mandala. Looks great!

Thank you.
It took 6 hours with a 5w laser at 750mm/min @ 90%, 6 passes.
It measures 190mmx190mm

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That’s quite impressive, even at 190mm x190mm I would assume it would take more time than that!

Nice work…
My first, second, third and so on…went straight to the bin.
If that’s your first two pieces, can’t wait till you’ve been doing it a few months.
Keep up the good work :+1:

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Thank you.

Time wise wasn’t too bad. Only one case of beer. lol

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