My frame is too large

My laser is a Yora 6550 5.5w when I get my design ths size i want it,example: 12" X 1.5", when I frame my piece to center my burn, the frame will bottom out and be wy bigger than my design. I am sure there is something that I have not set correctly but have no idea how, I am very ignorant about the laser and it’s operating system but eager to learn. Can someone please help me?

This sounds like there is something else in the workspace, making the frame larger than you expect, or the setting of the bed size in LightBurn does not match that of your physical laser bed size.

I suggest review of this document and keep going through until you complete the Simple Project section to get the basics of how to set up and work with LightBurn. Adding a Laser - LightBurn Software Documentation

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