My girlfriend have a question

my girlfriend has a design question.
Can someone help me to remove the arcs with the red arrows so that the whole hangs together


A quick-and-dirty way, working from the low-res sketch without the arrows:

  • Screenshot the image to a PNG file
  • Open PNG in image editor (GIMP, whatever)
  • Threshold to remove gray grid
  • Bucket fill the ring and crosspiece
  • Save as PNG
  • Import into Lightburn
  • Trace image to get vector outline (delete image)
  • Set layer to Line
  • Set laser cut parameters
  • Profit!

The filled PNG looks like this:


Filling the interior before tracing eliminates the whole “tracing the image produces two lines” problem: the inside is black, the outside is white, and tracing produces a single path.

Then the LightBurn file looks like this:

Is that about what you wanted?

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yes thanks for answer

If you want to avoid the roundtrip to a raster image you can do this with boolean operations.

You need to 2 closed objects for boolean operations to work. In this case, the outer area and then the horizontal bar. Group the 2 outer shapes that define the outer area.

Not clear from the screenshot but I suspect in your case the horizontal bar is actually 2 individual lines. You would need to close this for it to work. So create a trapezoid making sure the 4 corners are actually joined. It may be easier to modify a rectangle to do this.

Once prepped, select the two objects, then Tools->Boolean Union.

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This is the way to do it. Lightburn 101 Learning Hobby Laser Software - YouTube

thanks for video

I’m a new user waiting for my laser to arrive and getting up to speed with Lightburn. I ran across the video and remembered it would easily answer your question.

yes it helped a lot

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