My google chromebook laptop wont work

I can not use light burn on my google chromebook laptop why ?

Just so you have an answer to your question - LightBurn needs to be locally installed on a Windows, Linux or Mac computer. Chromebook’s technically run Linux, but none of the linux system is exposed, and ChromeOS doesn’t allow end-users to install Linux applications. There are ways around that, you can install this - GitHub - dnschneid/crouton: Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment, and use that to install LightBurn but it is going to take work, and you have to be comfortable in a Linux terminal.

I run Lightburn on Chromebooks exclusively. Intel-based Chromebooks will run Lightburn if the Linux development environment is enabled.This allows the Linux Lightburn .run to be downloaded and run… though it will require a little bit of file manipulation. As @sohier said… some comfort with Linux and the command line will be required. Here’s some instructions to get started…

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