My images will not ungroup

New to the software. I have watched a few videos, but I am getting frustrated as it will not let me do what I need to. I have to do my designs in Photoshop CS6, then I import them into Lightburn. However, when I import them, I cannot ungroup the layers. I need to be able to tell Lightburn to cut two parts and engrave the other parts. Any help would be wonderful, as I have been going insane for the last two days trying to get this right. Thanks in advance.

Hello Dean,

Images can’t be ungrouped as far as I know.
Vector images can be ungrouped.

Layers in lightburn work differently from Photoshop or Illustrator.
Each layer has a burn setting of it own and they are color coded.

Is it possible to export each layer seperately in Photoshop and import these one by one and give each image a different burn setting?

Hi Bjorn,
Well at least I know that it is not me doing something wrong, thanks for that. OK, I will give it a go and get back to you.

Thanks for your help.

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Good luck!

Have a quick read up on the ‘pass-through’ tab,(it’s in the ‘cuts/layers’ when image is imported) it’s to do with adjusting images from outside LB then importing them into LB, something to do with how it keeps the setting from outside and using same settings in LB.
Not ever used it myself so not sure, just remember someone had a similar problem.

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He’s trying to pull apart an image into the layers that were present in PhotoShop. Nothing to do with pass-through.

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