My Jtech 3.8w laser don´t start

Please help me …
My Jtech laser don´t start after updated the LB 1.0.06
I have checked all cables, I dont think they are broken.
I have checked the settings in the console, and
what I can see I have the right settings.
I can jog the spindle forward and back and up and down
thru LB.
Are there any way to test the laser (so it not broken)

Target buffer size found

Is there no one who can help …

Was it working properly before the upgrade?

I don’t know the Jtech 3.8 watt laser. Most of these lasers have three pin connector. The carry the +/- power and the pwm signal.

The pwm signal is ttl compatible and is usually 0 to 5 volts. 5 v turns it on.

You can measure the output of the pwm pin with a voltmeter and you should read about 2.5v at 50% power. It should go to 5v for 100%. If this works, then the controller is ok.

Ensure it has ‘enough’ power. No power drop when it’s lasing. Generally we do this first, but it really doesn’t matter.

If you have full voltage and don’t get full output when the pwm signal is high, you’ve probably lost the laser diode.

Watched this video, assume your setup is similar. I didn’t find much on the laser itself, which would be helpful.

If you have a link to the laser that might help…


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thx Jack
I have been in contact with Jay
on J Tech, and we think the laser head is the problem.
I have ordered a new upgraded to 7w.
Hope it arrive soon.
Merry X- mas to you

Hope that fixes it… Take care

Happy holidays to you and yours…


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same to you too

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