My laser creat gaps with flood fill

Hi guys,

First of all. Sorry for my bad english :smiley:
and second. Yes i know i can do it whitout flood fill. But the result are better with flood fill on this kind of wood.

I have a problem when i engrave with the flood fill mode.
you can see it in the picture. He starts by 1. engrave the little part, jumps to 2. (or somewhere else) and when he cames back to 3. he always create this little gap there.You can see the line between 1 and 3 . He dont connect at the end of the first part.

I marked some of them with green

you can see many of this gaps

some more examples

i hope i could explain it :smiley:

i have an Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro
does anyone know how i can fix it ?

The artifacts you are seeing is the reason why flood fill is not a general purpose fill option. Because flood fill stresses your machine it requires an extremely well tuned machine to avoid such artifacts.

Either switch to another fill option or do a full mechanical review of your machine. Essentially you need to eliminate any opportunity for lost steps, any backlash, and binding, and any slipping.

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thank you for your answer

i will try to do a full mechanical review. Maybe it will work :wink:

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