My laser cuts twice although there is only one hairline circle

Recently my laser starts to cut twice (retrace?) when I am sure it is just one simple hairline shape such as a circle. I use Illustrator 2018 to make the shape, and then open Lightburn to import the ai file. I have a Chinese CO2 100W machine. I don’t think I had this problem before until recently. I don’t think I updates any software.

Can anyone help what could be the problem? Thx

Look closely at that layer, open the layer dialog by dbl clicking the layer on the layers window. Look for “Number of passes”.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I made sure number of pass =1. But the problem still exists. Are there any setting in Adobe Illustrator that could cause this problem?

You might simply have exported two copies of the shape. Illustrator sometimes does this if you have both a fill and a stroke applied. Try using Edit -> Delete Duplicates.

I’ve had just that situation, where AI creates two copies, one of which has a rectangle (bounding box?) as part of the second copy. It makes it easy to delete the ghost, as you find the rectangle, click on it and the second image goes too.