My laser cutter works line and offset fill but not fill

My machine only works if I select line or offset fill, however when I select only fill the machine receives the file and immediately makes the end of work sound. I have already checked that the file is not empty and tried with multiple engraving speeds and powers but I have not been successful. My controller is a Ruida6332m, lightburn version 1.30.1, the machine is 1390 of 150 w. It should be noted that I have already switched between the different recording modes (common and special)

Can you make a small test file and send it up here so we can find out that it is not the file/settings that are the problem?

What does the file show in the preview?

Sure, I attached the file

thank you
abc.lbrn2 (20.0 KB)

Your preview window looks normal, unfortunately I can’t look at your file until tomorrow afternoon, I’m not at home.

I haven’t been able to find anything special in your test file that would prevent fill mode.
Can you try the little test I made?
FillTest.lbrn2 (10.2 KB)

File burns fine, though I should have checked power first, that’s a lot of power for my machine! Must be in your settings, I’d suspect something with double scan, maybe your offset settings?

I already ran the file but it continues with the same thing, I think this is more like a machine configuration issue, and although I have tried to move some parameters I have not been successful with the fill

When I loaded the file, it was right on the edge of the table so I moved it, thinking it may be a different bed size than yours. I had one acting goofy like that one day, I think it boiled down to the over scan. Move the file a bit away from the side and see if that sorts it.

It sounds plausible, but shouldn’t the system in this case issue an error message? My Ruida does, it “says” that I will not be able to execute the order, due to the movement exceeds the physical limits…or something similar.

I would guess it would give an error but I’ve had it act goofy without an error before. I moved it 0.01 inch from the side and it started working. Now, I just start at 1" X 1". :slight_smile:

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