My laser does not provide detail

hi there!I have a vevor sh350 50w. 2 months I try to achieve a good engraving, but I do not succeed, I have exhausted all the scenarios. dpi, interval, reverse interval, balance between speed and power, focal length, setting reset, photoshop, corel, inkscape, rd works. to be able to give me details, must burn the material. material is a plywood

Some pics of what you are trying to do along with setting you have tried and results you got would be helpful.

Right off I would say that with a CO2 laser, make sure you are using a dither mode and not gray scale for photo engraving.

If you are trying to 3D engrave, plywood is not a good choice.

In some of your photos it looks like the beam may not be center correctly, it appears as if it might be bouncing of the side of the head and causing a double image. Sort of a shadow effect.

This might be worth a read: Configuring A Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

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