My laser engraver acts like ita engraving enven has laser but leave no marks

I have a ortur laser master 3 and i have it conected to lightburn on my macbook air and can choose any photo put it where i want it choose the type of engraving i want ive tried up to 100 max power speed at 4000 mm/s the laser comes on and goes over it like its engraving but doesnt leave any marks i switch to the laser explorer app the olm3 coems with and it with engrave just fine

A speed of 4000 mm/s is absurdly high, so the GRBL controller is limiting it to the maximum possible speed, whatever that might be.

Change the LightBurn units to mm/min (in Edit → Settings), which will slow things down by a factor of 60, then run a Material Test at speeds from 100 mm/min to about 2000 mm/min and powers from 10% to 70% to determine the proper range for whatever material you are using.

Once you’ve gotten the right range, you can fine-tune from there based on the image you are using and the results you want.

Double check your focus and alignment. On a rotary setup, it is easy to get your laser out of line. For best results have the laser at a full 90-degree angle to the work.

+1 to the speed being a bit fast. My 10W Ortur LMP2 cuts very nicely at 2000 and 30% power.

240,000 mm/min? I would like to see a video of that beast in action. Be careful, though. You might accidentally tear a hole in space-time. :slight_smile:

Sorry it was supposed to say 4000mm/min

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And its only on y motor

That’s certainly more sensible, but still high.

What are the results of the Material Test over the speed and power ranges I suggested?

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