My laser engraver works on lasergrbl, the laser lights in lightburn but doesnt engrave

Im new to this and not sure why my laser cuts fine in one program and not another. in lasergrbl, it engraves great but its limited. i want to use lightburn but have no clue how to change settings or focus the lens in lightburn to get it to engrave. I would love some assistance.

If it works in LaserGRBL but doesn’t burn in LightBurn, it’s likely that you’re going too fast.

If you have something like a 3018, they’re very speed limited. The default power mode in LaserGRBL is “constant power”, meaning that regardless of the speed of the machine, the laser outputs a fixed power value.

In LightBurn, the default is “variable power”, meaning that the controller automatically adjusts the power output as the laser head speeds up & slows down. When stopped, the power output is zero, and as the speed ramps up to the speed you asked for, the laser power is increased, which makes the over burn much more consistent.

A common problem is when the laser is not able to go as quickly as you ask - If it never reaches the speed you request, it will never reach that power level either. For example, if you ask the laser to go 6000 mm/minute, but the firmware is only able to go 3000mm/minute, you’ll only get 50% of the power output too.

What kind of machine do you have? Do you know what it’s maximum speed is, and how that compares to the speed you asking for? Are you accidentally asking for speeds in mm/second instead of mm/minute?

In addition to @LightBurn questions, one thing that is often overlooked by new users of GRBL machines is tuning the acceleration and Max speeds for their systems. On a lot of systems the settings are left with GRBL defaults, which are quite conservative and will unnecessarily limit your performance.

Search the web for GRBL tuning, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to do this.

another thing to say… check in your firmware which is the max power of the laser, cause i had the same problem and i noticed that in laserGRBL the max power of laser was 1000 while in Lightburn was 255, so my laser worked at a quarter of power.

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